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What is the software that can make money online?

However, the lack of clarity when it comes to that was probably an issue for many students.

“Don’t worry about that right now. That’s something we can think about after we’ve heard all of the ideas. For now, just feel free to suggest anything that comes to mind.”

“Then, you’re saying you’d even be fine with stuff like video games or karaoke?”

“Yes. Anything.”

Horikita stressed this point once again, telling the class that they didn’t have to worry. I had no issues with how she was handling the situation.

It was important for us to start by finding out what everybody’s strengths were.

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“What do we do if there’s nothing we’re really good at?”

Haruka chimed in with a question for Horikita.

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“I don’t mind you not having anything if you’re not very confident in yourself. It’d be risky to use an event if you lack confidence in your ability to win it.”

I wanted them to come up with as many events as possible, but I wasn’t sure if we had enough time to be careful with our selection. For the time being, I didn’t have any issues with Horikita’s plan, so I felt like it would be alright to just wait and see what happens.

With that, the discussion ended for the day and everyone began to gather their things and leave. At this point, Kōenji spoke up again.

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“You’re fine with ending the discussion so early like this?”

“If it’s this short, it’ll be easier for you to participate next time, won’t it Kōenji-kun?”

“When I say I’ll participate one time, one time is as much as I’ll participate.”