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Pei Qian’s mind was filled with question marks. He quickly clicked it and read its contents. A moment later, the confusion on Pei Qian’s face disappeared. A satisfied smile replaced it.

“He’s teachable! He’s very teachable!” He immediately said to Little Sun, “Let’s go to Huanyu Tianjie tomorrow morning. We’ll head back to the office first!

“I want to meet this Cui Geng!”

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That noon, his schoolmates returned one after another.

One of them waved a plastic bag in his hands containing food he bought from the canteen.

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Pei Qian recognized him to be his former incarnation’s dorm mate, Ma Yang—his huge, long face left a deep impression.

“Brother Qian, you’ve really got guts to skip class! But you really lucked out, the Vice-President didn’t take attendance.” Ma Yang looked at Pei Qian with a ‘What kind of godly luck is that’ expression.

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The other roommates started turning on their laptops.

“No classes in the afternoon. Anyone up for games?”

“I’m on. Hurry! Ma Yang, where are you?”

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“Hold on, I’m not done eating yet.”

“Hurry up, you slowpoke. Someone go get more people from the other dormitories!”

The other people in the dormitory had already turned on their laptops and propped up small, makeshift tables on their beds.

Those were the dreary conditions of a school dormitory such that there wasn’t even a dedicated table for every bunk bed and they could only play games while sitting cross legged.