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Mizumi-kun was forced to lean back by Uehara-kun’s imposing manner.

Uehara-kun took a step further and continued.

“Yeah, while whether the lips touched does matter a lot. It’s more like, I also hoped that I can believe from the bottom of my heart that they’re right.”

“W-Well then...”

“However! That’s a whole different thing! Right now, the two of them scratched scars all over our hearts! To put it simply, there are victims! Whether it’s an accident or incident, touched or not, we were hurt anyway! ISN’T THIS FACT ALONE ENOUGH TO CHARGE KEITA AMANO!”


Mizumi-kun leaned back even more. Honestly, his reaction is too vigorous from his usual appearance. However, we already devoted ourselves to this Ace Attorney roleplaying completely, so his response isn’t that disharmonious…But I’m not going to mention that the two senpais aren’t appreciating this.

After Mizumi-kun went speechless, I proposed my advocate as the prosecutor again.

“Perhaps there’s still room for discussion for the two defendants’ claim of the lips didn’t touch each other. But even if what they said is true, …it can never resolve the mental damage that we have taken!”


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Mizumi-kun wrapped his arms around his head and vexed again. Although this victory made Uehara-kun and I looked at each other before smiling in satisfaction, then we realized. “Eh, this doesn’t help anything?” The two of us then dropped our shoulders depressingly…Why did we call everyone to court in the first place…

Just as the scene came to a standstill, …suddenly, Kase-senpai, who had remained silent for now, spoke up.

“Can I say something, Tendou?”

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“Ah, yes, senpai- your honour, please.”