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Isn’t that a little over-protective…?

For a moment, such a thought crossed my mind, but soon it was cut off as a hasty thought.

(I’m still a student, so I can’t understand the feelings of a father who has a daughter…)

It’s too early to call His Majesty『overprotective』.

When I was thinking about that,

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「But! I don’t acknowledge everything! I just acknowledged a clean and beautiful dating relationship! By no means… do I acknowledge a physical relationship!」

His majesty said such a ridiculous thing.

「O-Of course!」

「H-Hey, Father! What are you shouting that for!?」

Ria and I exclaimed while our faces turned red.

「…Then, it’s good. But don’t forget this, Allen-Rodore. I did not acknowledge you, nor do I agree with Ria’s decision to have a lover!」

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His Majesty continued further.

「Of course, I intend to let you return to Thousand Blade Academy tomorrow! – Claude!」

「Yes! The personal plane is ready for departure at anytime!」