Shandong online earning group

Shandong online earning group

『Absolutely... Are you sure? Even if you catch a rabbit, it remains a rabbit. From now on, you have to make the rabbit meat in order to eat it... that is your task.』

“Ah... Seriously...”

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『That is why the one who has only eaten meat that has already been processed by the butcher is...』

Oh, still mocking me as the ‘twit’ with a look of disdain.

I can’t help it, but I’ve only eaten what became meat in the first place.

I’ve only eaten meat cooked in restaurants, not to mention the butcher’s meat.

I have to slaughter this rabbit by myself, and dismantle it.


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That was then.

Two more rabbits appeared from behind the bush.

For some reason, I glance at them.

“...... Oh, and... eh, what?”

Even if I stare, the two do not run away.

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Me... No...... It’s like they’re staring at a rabbit I’m holding by its neck....

“...... No way...You’re not a parent and child, are you?”

『Hey. Do not mind it.』

“I know.”