Is it true that part-time vote is true?

Is it true that part-time vote is true?

However, Chabashira-sensei wasn’t the one I was paying attention to.

Instead, I took note of how Kushida Kikyō was handling the exam in front of her.

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Even though the exam had started, there was no indication that her arm was moving. She appeared to be checking something as she went over the questions several times.

She made sure of everything for two or three minutes before she finally began to solve the exam questions.

In this way, the tense exams continued past the first without any time for leisure or idle chatter.

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However, there was a slight incident during the fourth exam.

It happened during the math exam, which is supposed to be when Horikita and Kushida’s direct confrontation would be decided.

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It was immediately after we turned our exams over after the start signal.


Kushida’s voice leaked out despite her attempt to suppress it.

“What’s wrong Kushida?”

“N-no, I’m sorry. It’s nothing.”