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As for the renovation style, it would definitely be better if it did not match the theme of the stall; the more casual it was during business hours, the better.

Pei Qian said, “The location should not be in the downtown area, but it should not be too remote either.”

“Tengda’s businesses should not be nearby.”

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“The renovation style must be high-end, trendy, and cool. It must be distinct from the concept of ‘street stalls’.”

“We’ll adopt a flexible working system during the opening hours. We won’t restrict the opening hours too much and give the vendors ample freedom.”

“That’s all I want. There’s nothing else.”

Zhang Yahui looked confused.

What kind of request was that?

However, he had long heard of Boss Pei’s style of doing things, so he was not too surprised. He could only silently memorize all these requests.

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“Then... Boss Pei, shall I go and prepare now?” Zhang Yahui asked.

Pei Qian nodded. “Yes, go!”

Zhang Yahui was still a little confused when he walked out of the Shenhua View building.

Before the Chinese New Year, he was still an ordinary vendor. Every day, he would wake up early and work late to make roasted cold noodles to earn some hard-earned money. In the end, because he participated in a roadside food competition, he was first selected by the Cold-Faced Lady’s Boss Qi to be in charge of the gourmet laboratory and promotional video. Then, Boss Pei took a liking to him and directly took charge of the snack market.

He could only say that the ups and downs of life were too exciting!