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In order to set up the TPDb ratings, a website was required.

As there was still space upstairs, Pei Qian decided to hire a group of people to manage the website’s operations. They would be situated next to Zhongdian Chinese Network.

TPDb’s website would list out all of Tengda’s projects, including all the games it had developed before, all the short videos that Fei Huang Workspace had shot, each and every Fish-Catching Internet Cafe branch, Zhongdian Chinese Network, Upwind Courier stations, etc.

The site would be categorized simply into games, films, lifestyle, experiences, etc. for easy filtering and searching.

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If Tengda were to venture into new industries in the future, the number of categories on this site would be refreshed as well.

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There wouldn’t be too much of an introduction to each of these projects. Every one of them would only have a simple profile page with some basic information.

The focus of the website would be on ratings as well as relevant details regarding it. The ratings were divided into internal, media, consumer, and netizens ratings. The final ratings would be based on these four big groups with different weights apportioned to each.

The website was on the open register. However, Tengda employees’ accounts had special access rights that allowed them to enter the ‘internal ratings’ intranet page and to see the ratings that had been given by other employees.

Ordinary users would only be able to see the overall stats of the ratings Tengda employees have given; they could not enter the intranet.

The media ratings would take into account some established media companies’ ratings as well as some of their posted reviews.

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Consumers and netizens would have their separate rating pages. Only those who could give their registered account record with Tengda would be able to access the consumer rating page; ordinary netizens couldn’t. As for the specific ratings, TPDb would also adopt a more complicated rating system. Every account would have a different weight attached to it; the specific weight would only be viewable to Tengda employees with higher levels of clearance.

Some inappropriate behavior would have a negative impact on accounts’ weights. For example, if some Big V had been given money to give a 1/5 rating on a project that had an average of 4/5 rating, or if someone gave 5/5 for a project that had an average 2/5 rating, this would definitely impact this account’s future rating weight.

Of course, this wasn’t trying to get rid of any form of dissent; after all, ratings should be an individual and very subjective thing. It could also be possible that some people didn’t like others giving 5/5 and praising a so-called masterpiece; hence, they really wanted to give a 1/5 rating instead. However, such revenge-like behavior was already contravening the objective and fair principle behind ratings; this would have a negative impact on this account’s future ratings.

At the same time, if someone continuously used bogey accounts-accessing accounts all from the same IP address; these accounts’ weights would be reduced as well.

All in all, Pei Qian wanted to eliminate as much of the subjective ratings as possible, allowing each project’s ratings to be as close to its intrinsic value as possible.

Pei Qian gave Ma Yiqun and company the task of setting up the preliminary website for the moment. As Zhongdian Chinese Network had already been set up, Ma Yiqun and company were no longer as busy as before.