May 1 part-time project online

May 1 part-time project online

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Therefore, Tian Mo and the other salespeople would spend a lot of time experiencing the products and games in the shop.

He had indeed experienced the shortcomings during the experience, but he would naturally experience the advantages as well.

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Thus, Tian Mo knew most of the details of the products in the shop very well. Once Yao Bo asked him to demonstrate the functions, he immediately and systematically demonstrated the main functions.

He attracted many customers around him especially when he argued with AEEIS.

Soon, the demonstration of functions was over.

Yao Bo nodded in satisfaction. “Alright, give me one!”

Pei Qian’s mind filled with more question marks.

Something was wrong with him!

I’ve already dissuaded you so much and explained the shortcomings clearly. Why would you still want to buy it?

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Oh, perhaps he deliberately bought it because I’m here?

Fortunately, as long as he was not convinced by the sales...

Pei Qian relaxed slightly at that thought.

However, not long after he heaved a sigh of relief, he heard two passers-by beside him say, “Not bad, give me one too!”

Pei Qian: “...”

Did we arrange for fake sales in the experience shop?

Why didn’t I know about it if it was really arranged?

Tian Mo quickly said, “The Bickering Machine is a large piece of equipment. It’s inconvenient to move it. I recommend you to place an order online. Upwind Logistics will send it over on the same day if it’s in Jingzhou. Of course, if you drive here and it’s convenient to carry it, you can also take it directly from the shop.”

Yao Bo asked, “Can you get a commission if we are to get it now?”