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At this time, Zhu Xiaoce and Huang Sibo had completed their filming. They were just keeping the tripod, the light screen, and other stuff; preparing to leave.

“Director Zhu! Wait!” Pei Qian hurriedly yelled and stopped Zhu Xiaoce.

Zhu Xiaoce was confused, “What’s up, Boss Pei, is there something else?”

“That… this short video’s script; could you let me have a look?” Pei Qian pretended to look like he didn’t care much as he casually asked.

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Zhu Xiaoce nodded as he handed over a script, “Of course, here you go.”

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Pei Qian took it over.

“If there’s nothing else, we’ll head off first, Boss Pei. We have to start editing.” Everyone said goodbye to Pei Qian as they left.

Pei Qian took the script and returned to his office. The script was rather short, and he immediately finished it. After reading, Pei Qian collapsed in his chair.

“What… what in the world?! Isn’t this a combination of ‘Zhu Yidan’s Boring Life’ and Surprise?!

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Didn’t we agree not to shoot something like Surprise?”

Cui Geng looked around the entire “inspiration class” and realized that the environment was much better than he had imagined!

Television, single-person sofa, and even a special movie studio. While the “inspiration class” would not experience a professional cinema but it would definitely be able to beat the movie experience in places other than the cinema.

What’s more, there wasn’t just a movies available. There were also many standalone games with excellent storylines, physical books such as novels and comics, and so on. It could be said to be a huge treasure trove of inspiration.

What’s more, the most important thing was that there was no longer a small dark room in the “inspiration class”. There were no restrictions on the authors’ creative time at all. If you wanted to, you could sit in the sofa and watch a movie for two consecutive weeks without writing a single word!

This environment was like a dream to Cui Geng.

If he were to set up such a set of equipment himself, it would probably cost at least thirty to fifty thousand yuan. What’s more, a large number of genuine blueray films, books, and exclusive sound studio would cost more than a creator could bear.

Not only was food and accommodation free here, but the novels that he wrote would also be sold at extremely high prices in a fixed-rate contract. The conditions were unimaginable!