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In any case, he would think about the next cycle. He had to think of a way to end this cycle perfectly.

Pei Qian made up his mind and immediately took a car to Shenhua View building. He did not go to his own office but went straight to the advertising and marketing department.

At the same time, in the advertising and marketing department.

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Meng Chang was playing games with boredom at his desk.

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He was not someone who liked playing games, but he had no choice. It was too boring here. He had nothing else to do except watch shows.

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Meng Chang often had to come up with publicity plans related to games previously. Naturally, he had to play more games and understand more. It would be easier to perform in reverse publicity.

He could make a last minute assault but it was useless for a layman. He had to learn more and master it.

Meng Chang might not want to work anymore but he still retained his gaming habits.

On the other side, Yu Yao was whispering to his colleagues.

“I feel like Brother Meng was a little down a while ago? He only improved slightly over the past two days. What’s wrong? Didn’t the publicity plan of the inspiration class succeed?”

“Why does it feel like Brother Meng’s style is becoming more and more similar to Boss Pei’s? Is he also troubled about Tengda’s worries now?” The colleague was confused.

Yu Yao shook his head slightly. “I think not, or rather, not all.”

“First of all, one is marked by the company one keeps. Brother Meng has been working under Boss Pei for so long. Boss Pei taught him his sales strategy. It’s normal for Brother Meng to be affected by Boss Pei and have some changes.”

“However, I don’t think he would be ‘troubled about Tengda’s worries’.”