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How to make money on online Buddhism

“First of all, I want to make clear that everything I have to say about the Great Esports Ecosystem is my personal view on the future Esports industry and the direction that the internet cafe industry is headed in. It does not represent Tengda Corporation’s stand whatsoever.”

Pei Qian heaved a huge sigh. Good. I’m seated right here. Of course, Xiao Peng would not dare to put words into my mouth.

However, two minutes later, Pei Qian sensed that something was amiss.

On the surface, those words seemed to clarify what Xiao Peng was about to say. However, it sounded completely ordinary to the audience. No one took it seriously.

In fact, everyone seemed to ignore that sentence.

Two people in the first row of the resting area began whispering. “He can’t expose everything. I understand, I understand.”

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“Yes, no one can guarantee 100%!a(MISSING)ccuracy when predicting the future industry model. There’s no harm in being careful.

“Still, he is the head of Fish-Catching Internet Cafe and someone who can speak directly to Boss Pei. That means at least a portion of his predictions probably came from Boss Pei. It’s worth listening.” Pei Qian gripped the cup in his hands a bit tighter. “What the h*li...?”

Although Xiao Peng had disclaimed that everything he was going to say about the ‘Great Esports Ecosystem’ was his personal view and not representative of Tengda Corporation’s official stance, no one in the audience took him seriously.

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No one had been expecting an official speech to be given at this opening ceremony. Instead, most people were just interested in listening to what Xiao Peng had to say. If it made sense, they would take it in. Otherwise, they would let it go. Nobody would take those speeches too seriously.

Many high-level company executives ran their mouths off. Those were more rampant in the mobile phone industry. Everyone had already become used to it.

If they really took Xiao Peng’s word for it, they would be eaten alive.

Of course, Xiao Peng was quite serious about this.

Boss Pei had not told him those exact words. However, from the way that he was setting up businesses, it was obvious that he thought the same way!

Xiao Peng felt that he was only beautifying those concepts by wording them nicely.

“Next, I will briefly describe the Great Esports Ecosystem from three main aspects. “If one views the esports industry as a pyramid, then top-tier competitions would be its spire; various mid-tier competitions and esports clubs would be its middle; and a wholesome esports community culture would form its base.

“If any part goes missing, the esports industry would collapse.