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After Horikita graduated and Nagumo became a third-year, he would finally start to take action.

As for what would happen in the future, it was still impossible to predict.

“Speaking of which, this year, I still haven’t been able to evaluate you, Ayanokouji.”

Nagumo’s attention finally turned to me.

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Coming from the look in his eyes, it seems that I was “boring” compared to the Horikita siblings

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“There’s nothing about me worth investigating.”

Because of the fact that I had Horikita-senpai’s attention, Nagumo felt that there might be an underlying connection between us.

However, because it might just be a coincidence, there still wasn’t enough to interest Nagumo.

Seeing that he still had this sort of attitude towards me, there was no reason to provoke him.

“But this coming April, even if you don’t want to, you’ll still have the answer. After this school becomes a true meritocracy, you’re going to have to fight even if you don’t want to.”

With the graduation of Horikita’s brother, the school will be entirely under the control of Nagumo.

It was hard to say how much of an influence the student council had over the school itself, but considering how confident Nagumo was, there’ll definitely be a notable difference at the school next year.

“So you’re saying that the competition between students won’t just be limited to class warfare?”