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「That sword… is a soul dress?」

From his sword, I felt a creepy『something』.

Although it appeared to be a plain sword which is sold everywhere, there was『something』that felt different.

「Ahaa! You saw through it! Even though my soul dress is so plain. As expected, you know eeeverything about me…」

Dodriel wore an ecstatic expression, and hugged himself with both hands.

I ignored his eccentricities.

(To think he acquired soul dress in such a short period of time…)

He’s creepy, but… as expected, Dodriel was a genius.

(I can’t guess what kind of power his soul dress has from its appearance.)

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If it spouted out flames like Ria’s〈Fafnir〉 or emitted cold air like Sid-san’s〈Vanargand〉, then I can have a rough idea regarding its ability.

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Dodriel’s sword has nothing noticeable in the blade or hilt.

It really was a plain sword that was sold everywhere.

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(In such a case, I should move around so that he can’t attack me…!)

For the time being, don’t let him attack.