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「Did you really…!?」

「Find a cure for the curse…!?」

I and Ria immediately asked.

「Yes! When I examined Allen’s cells using a variety of reagents, I found『special cells』that are not present in ordinary humans! Hmm… Let’s call it『Allen cell』for convenience sake.」

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Chemy-san began to talk about her great discovery, almost jumping in joy.

「When I was convinced that『this is it!』, I immediately started verifying it. I applied Allen cells to the cursed dark red skin tissue provided by a patient. And the result was… a bullseye! The curse was dispelled in an instant!」s

She said proudly.

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「And this is the new medicine I created based on Allen cells!」

She pointed to a salve placed on the desk.

「This is Prototype No.1 which contains Allen cells and an anti-inflammatory component! Let’s use this for the next patient immediately!」

「Y-You suddenly going to test it on a human body!?」

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「Ahaha, don’t worry. Allen cells were completely harmless to the skin tissue. There is zero adverse effect on the human body!」she said, and turned her attention to a large number of glass slides with specimens placed on the desk.

It seems that she had already done various tests using that prototype.