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Do you make money when you are idle?

Uehara-kun’s mumbling to himself. I tried my best to hear him before nodding and giving him a “Yes.”

“You guessed correctly, Uehara-kun. Tomorrow…I’m going to do something big!”

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“Forget about your sharp ears that can hear everyone’s mumbling…Are you for real, Amano?”

“Yes, I’m genuine here.”

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I nodded with all my confidence at Uehara-kun’s response. His eyes are losing focus…and Tendou-san seems to have noticed something from our interaction. Then, she freaked out and started to speak.

“Amano-kun, d-don’t tell me it’s the thing we discussed when we’re texting…?”


Did I discuss something with Tendou-san recently…To be honest, we more or less talked to each other every day since we started dating. So, I’m not sure what she’s talking about.

After I tilted my head, even Chiaki suddenly freaked out as she asked me.

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“D-D-D-D-Don’t tell me, Keita, did you realize something about Mono…?”

“Mono? Ah, does Mono want to do that as well?”

“W-W-Woah, why you’re declaring that both wanted to do that! W-What, wait, just a moment. I-I’m not going to stay silent if you decided to do it with Konoha!”

“Eh? Chiaki’s joining this battle as well? Uh, this is nerve-wracking.”

“W-What do you mean by nerve-wracking! Explain everything! K-Keita…I’ve always…wanted to do that with you…!”

Chiaki’s excited over nothing. Tendou-san’s looking worried, and Uehara-kun gave me a rare, startled look.