What job investment is small online

What job investment is small online

“Are you alright?”

“ Erm… It hurts a little”

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Thankfully, she landed on her hands rather on her bottom, it was careless but not something serious.

“If you do not walk carefully in the woods, you might get hurt, hey now, hold my hand”

“Ah… Thank you”

Without any more excuses Sakura offered her hand but then she realised it was dirty by her fall, she drew it back. Ignoring this, I grabbed her hand, anyway, holding it tenderly.

“I’m…. I’m sorry”

“It is not like you have to apologise over something like this”

Thoughtfully, I brushed off the soil from Sakura’s hands. Anyway, this forest, it looks like it is the first time that people have set foot in this place. In the beginning I thought we had a level of direction walking in the woods. But, now I feel like this was a wrong guess.

First and foremost, we cannot always walk straightforward. We should be climbing to overcome natural obstacles. By all means, following a compulsory route that does not change we go no left or right . This situation continues for many more minutes, I feel like I am forgetting myself, which route we were supposed to take. The vanguard keeps pushing forward to a degree that I can barely see Kouenji, anymore.

However, Sakura does not seem that she wants to keep going, staring hazily at my left hand, where I held her.

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“Sakura! We have to hurry up a little”

“Eh?! Uh, yeah!”

Confused by my sudden remark, she started running. I guess it cannot be helped again….

“He sure walks fast, that Kouenji”.