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Receiving an unexpected response, Ichinose attentively stared into my eyes.

“If you have someone to talk to, then you won’t be so depressed.”

“But…I’m all wet…”

“Well, I’m just as wet as you are. If you don’t want to come up, then I’ll stay with you here, for as many hours as it will take.”

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“You’re unexpectedly stubborn.”


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And so we dragged our wet bodies into the dormitory.

It was a relief that nobody was in the lobby at that time.

And just like that, we took the elevator, and went up to my room on the fourth floor.

“Please come in.”

“Are you sure?”


“…Sorry, thank you.”

I let Ichinose in my room and made her sit down.

Sitting on the cold floor would only make your body colder, though.

And wearing wet clothes wasn’t good for the body either.

I turned on the heat function of the air conditioner so that Ichinose would not get any colder.

Then I took out a towel from the cabinet and handed it to her.