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My Dark Shadow couldn’t even be compared to it. The destructive power was literally magnitudes apart.

(It’s definitely that guy’s Dark Shadow!)

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When I gasped at the overwhelming violence, darkness began to move on its own again. Moving like a whip, it aimed at the neck of the four collapsed on the floor.


I cut off his interference by concentrating on my consciousness.

And the next moment, Dark Shadow disappeared, together with the dense bloodlust.

(That was too close…)

As Leia-sensei said, his actions seem to be strongly restricted while my consciousness is clear.

(Anyway, I have to hurry up and heal them…)

The four men, who were pierced through their abdomens by Dark Shadow, lay unconscious in a critical state.

If I leave them as is, they will most likely die in less than a minute.

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I concentrated my consciousness, which was still hazy, and stretched out darkness onto their abdomens.


Their wounds were plugged up in no time, and their body quickly returned to a normal state.

They’ll probably wake up in a few minutes.

(Fuu… That’s a relief for now…)

As I exhaled loudly, my hazy consciousness gradually became clear.