Is it true that PPT is real?

Is it true that PPT is real?

Min Jingchao pushed the door open and entered with Ye Zhizhou following closely behind.

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“Boss Pei, we’re here today to report the movements of Finger Games...”

Min Jingchao briefly explained how Finger Games had released IOI mobile game trial videos and how Long Yu Corporation had hired fake reviewers to ride on GOG’s popularity.

Pei Qian almost slammed the table and cheered.

Eric did well!

He did not let me down!

From the previous price war to the current IOI mobile version and buying fake reviewers to ride on popularity, Pei Qian was very satisfied with every step Eric took.

The more Finger Games pressed on, the more reason Pei Qian had to burn money to fight back.

However, how should he deal with it...

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Pei Qian thought about it briefly.

His first reaction was to fight back. If they wanted to be popular, he would give them popularity. Tengda could also spend a lot of money on this. Why not?

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However, on further thought, it seemed a little dangerous.

At the moment, GOG and IOI were not on the same level in terms of size in the country. If they fought back fiercely, IOI would indeed gain a lot of popularity, but GOG would also gain a lot of popularity.

What if both parties’ passion for each other and their interest in each other caused GOG’s popularity to increase and the players’ cohesion and recognition to become stronger?

It seemed inappropriate.