money order post office

money order post office

“Eh!? Un! Un! Kyahooi!”

When I patted her head and thanked her, Amae happily smiled and ran around me.

Oh, you’re so cute!

“Onya~, Amae~ you’re so excited. I mean, Big brother! By the way, what about that “technique” you worked on in our special training!?”

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“Hmm? Oh, oh … that?”

“Yeah! I forgot about it, but what was the point of going through all that hassle in your special training with me!?”

“N, no, Mr. Machio cornered me, so I couldn’t afford to use it…”

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And I’m sorry, Karui. I wasn’t in a situation to use “that technique”.

“Well, Lady Kron. Let us return.”

“Eh~, I want to talk with everyone too~”

“No, you have much preparations to do for today.”


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After their business was over, Jamdi’el took Kron’s hand and quickly left.