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Online selling second-hand furniture to make money?

「W-Wait a minute!」

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Unexpectedly, or should I say as expected, the president didn’t give it to me.

「Allen-kun! What kind of cheat did you use?! Onee-chan won’t get angry if you tell me now, so just be honest!」

「No, like I said, I haven’t done anything that can be called a cheat.」

「Lies! It’s not possible that a Royal Straight Flush will be come out twice in a row!」

She seemed to be convinced that I cheated.

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「A-Ahaha… Well, let’s put that aside for now.」

It’s not a good idea to reveal your hand to the public.

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And the act I did is a little different from cheating.

It is more appropriate to call it a “skill”.

「No! I’ll never give you my gin until you confess!」

The president said something so childlike and turned away.

「Haa… Is that so…」

I stood up from the chair and observed her body, mainly around the pockets of her uniform.

(There is no “bulge”. I don’t think she has that many gin…)

It’s no big deal even if I don’t collect her gin.

「W-What are you looking at?」

When she noticed my gaze, she crossed her hands in front of her chest, and took a step back.

「No, please don’t worry. Well then, excuse me.」