2018 online school, what is the most profitable

2018 online school, what is the most profitable

“...... Oh, were you so nervous you couldn’t sleep? Well, it’s true, if you can’t win the championship, you won’t get the knockers. Also the princesses, Rebal, and Fu seem like very strong opponents.”

But soon Sadiz is teasing me with her grin.

Yes, she thinks the only reason I’m up so early in the morning is because I was nervous.

Certainly, if I had been as before, I might have thought that way or have been unmotivated, saying ‘I’m going to disappoint everyone’.

But I am different now.

“Heh, that’s right.”

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I’m up early because I was able to sleep deeply.

That’s why I also gave Sadiz a smile.

“......Little man?”

” If I survive such a fierce battle and really win, I guess boobs might not be enough.”

“...... Huh?”

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“I’ll ask you to allow sexual harassment, as well as boobs, for a whole day... maybe I’ll have you up the stakes.”

“Eh, Li-Little man!?”

Perhaps because my reaction was so unexpected, Sadiz opens her eyes looking puzzled.

However, she immediately tried to regain the advantage by manipulating the situation so I show some dismay...