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There would only be some obvious fluctuations in his expression in special scenes.

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The content of this part of the storyline was mainly to let Qin Yi understand the inevitability of the Blue Planet Alliance fleet changing their method of command.

The current method of command of the Blue Planet was actually a general directional decision made by an experienced commander with strong mental fortitude. Then, the artificial intelligence AEEIS would divide the decisions into specific instructions and direct them to the frontline army.

In other words, using the powerful artificial intelligence, AEEIS and Ansible communication, the current method of command actually directly replaced the entire middle-level command, greatly increasing the efficiency of the command.

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The third script was for Qin Yi to start the first phase of command simulation training.

Qin Yi had to go through a lot of simulation training before he could truly take over the command of the front line according to AEEIS’ plan.

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Humans had successfully beheaded the Zerg Queen under the previous commander’s command where he used himself as bait. They eliminated a large number of Zergs, curbed their reproductive capability and obtained a period of stability.

At this stage, AEEIS would be in charge of commanding the combined fleet for recuperation and strategic defence. Qin Yi, on the other hand, had to seize the time to improve his commanding ability.

The Zergs could make a comeback at any time. There was not much time left for Qin Yi.

The mock training at this stage was much smoother and simpler than Qin Yi had imagined.

That was because Qin Yi had rich first-tier combat experience. He also had AEEIS to provide him with all sorts of information at any time. In addition, humans were stronger than Zergs, and all soldiers followed orders without hesitation. Thus, the battle at this stage was very successful and completely in line with Qin Yi’s expectations.

This was a small climax in the early stages of the movie. Under Qin Yi’s correct command, the human troops in the scene won steadily.

Lu Zhiyao’s performance in the first three scripts was relatively simple.

That was because Qin Yi did not have complicated emotions or intense emotional changes. His acting skills were still within Lu Zhiyao’s control.