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Although I understood that he did not hate his sister from the events that had happened up until now, but this was a bit…

“There’s no need to be so stubborn, there’s no harm if you sometimes be the one to initiate contact.”

“I’m afraid that temporarily showing emotion could hinder my sister’s growth. It’s fine if she was late because she was caught in some sort of accident, but if she decided that she would experience growth by not seeing me here, then that’s even better. If that’s the case, my behaviour here will only be an obstacle.

“Just by avoiding you, she’ll grow? Is this what you think your sister believes?”

“Suzune will decide on that.”

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This was not something that an outsider could make thoughtless remarks about. The elder Horikita said that, allusively.

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“I haven’t seen you indulge her at all.”

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“I was just judging on what situation in which I should indulge her.”

I think that this was the right situation for him to do so.

A minute had passed after reaching noon.

I thought that he would immediately head towards the main gate, but he did not start walking.

Although it didn’t seem like he indulged her by doing so, this could be considered something like that.

“I also have something to confirm with you. I also want you to answer me, as a parting gift.