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“If this news can be revealed... it would be even more critical to the reversal of the Cold-Faced Lady’s reputation!”

Xue Zhebin nodded in realization. “That’s right!”

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“The best way to reverse the reputation of the Cold-Faced Lady is to tell everyone that the Cold-Faced Lady has changed bosses. Boss Pei asked the Cold-Faced Lady to hold this Street Food Contest to convey this message.”

“If everyone could understand the various details of the Cold-Faced Lady from its establishment to its collapse, it would be able to shift everyone’s disgust towards the Cold-Faced Lady to Meng Chang and recognize the brand again because of Boss Pei.”

“Boss Li, you mean...”

Li Shi chuckled. “Contact this author and tell him that I have some exclusive insider information about the cold-faced lady. I hope to borrow the power of his article to let more people know.”

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January 17th, Tuesday.

Pei Qian woke up as usual and went to Fish-Catching Internet Cafe for breakfast.

Today was another day where he was racking his brains to spend money.

There was still half a month to settlement. Pei Qian was under immense pressure to spend money.

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Sloth Apartments had made a profit from working with Fanglan Residence’s furniture. The Fully-Automated Intelligent Bickering Machine had been sold for a sum of money. He had repeatedly bought and sold the shares of Cold-Faced Lady which ended up in profit. The downloadable content of a few old games had been sold quite well. There was also the ten million US dollars that IOI’s sponsor had withdrawn from the breach of contract...

Pei Qian would have fainted on the spot had he not thought of a plan beforehand.

Apart from the normal expenses for the various departments, Pei Qian chose to spend the bulk of his money on the ‘Mission and Choice’ project.