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Horikita kept walking, ignoring Ryūen’s existence.

“Ayanokōji-kun, have you been studying properly? I’m curious about the status of your partner as well.”

“As it is, I think failure can be avoided.”

“There’s no use in just thinking it. We can’t have any drop-outs at all. Do not be negligent even though we're confident about anything Class C might throw at us.”

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It appears that Ryūen didn’t intend to remain silent, as he once again responded to Horikita’s verbal jabs.

“Huh? Are you worrying about someone in your class? That was an interesting remark. It seems like you’re finally grasping our way of doing things.”

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“Who knows. Maybe it was just a cheap provocation. It’s just like you.”

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“Maybe so.”

Horikita called for Chabashira-sensei as soon as we arrived at the staff room. Shortly afterward, Chabashira-sensei showed her face.

Ryūen also called for Sakagami-sensei. Sakagami-sensei, who came first, took the brown envelope from Ryūen quietly.

“Will you accept this?”

“Aah. I’ll ask you later.”

After their short exchange, Chabashira-sensei showed up and changed places with Sakagami-sensei.

“Looks like you’ve brought it.”

It seems that she already knew what was going on, and only looked down at the brown envelope.

She didn’t seem to pay particular attention to Ryūen on the side.

“Chabashira-sensei. These questions that I’m submitting are the final versions.”