Where can I write on the Internet?

Where can I write on the Internet?

The other five avatars were all unfamiliar faces. They should be some basic- level staff.

There were nearly two thousand people in the venue after all. Pei Qian only knew those who were in charge, which was a few dozen people at most. The chances of winning the lottery were very low.

However, Bao Xu...

What was going on with Bao Xu?

Do you really have to travel every time?

Everyone burst into laughter when they saw Bao Xu’s profile picture on the big screen.

“Hahaha, Brother Bao again!”

“Where’s Brother Bao? I want to see his expression!”

“He’s in Los Angeles. It should be midnight over there. Brother Bao will only know about this nightmare in a few hours.”

“It’s perfect, it’s perfect. I’m even happier to see Brother Bao win!”

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Pei Qian could not help but feel emotional. Life was all about fate.

People in Los Angeles did not escape the fate of being selected.

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What’s more, Bao Xu was the fourth person to win. In other words, if three people were selected for this year’s grand prize, he would not be on the winning list.

Look at how things had turned out...

There were many employees of Tengda Corporation in the Los Angeles team, but since it was a lucky draw for the annual meeting, it would not be appropriate to not include them. Thus, even though these people were not present, they were still on the lucky draw list.

Bao Xu won the prize just like that, he still could not avoid his fate.

In two or three days, Bao Xu and the others would be back after the IOI global finals in Los Angeles were over. They would be able to make it in time for the new year.

However... After the new year, Bao Xu had to pack his luggage and consider his next destination.