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“Right now, I want to find a dark corner and drag senpai in as well.”

However, it lasted for less than 2 seconds.

“Please return my admiration.”

I complained dumbfoundedly. Konoha-san then told me this with a sad expression.

“Phew, …love…is surely sinful.”

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“Yeah, as for the thing that you wanted to do just then, that’s legally sinful too.”

“Eh, you’re lying, really? A beautiful girl banging a boy is against the law?”

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“I don’t want to say this, but your mind is seriously poisoned by hentai games!”

“Hey, I can’t just ignore that, senpai, please apologize.”

“Eh? Ah, sorry, I’m getting angry over a girl-“

“Senpai, please apologize to all hentai games! No hentai game will literally describe that twisted view as justice! Please don’t act like that just because you think hentai games are subcultures!”

“If that’s the case, where did you get your crazy thoughts from! Anyway, I’ll apologize to hentai games! I’m sorry! Actually, I really love hentai games too!”

“Excellent. Moreover, about my concepts, especially on the sexual stuff, I admit that I’m pretty crazy on my own. I wasn’t really influenced by anything. …I’m just a pure molester freak at the start.”

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“What kind of incredible title is that.”

This is the first time that I’ve heard such a word, molester freak. Also, I don’t think I’ll ever hear it again in the future, molester freak.

We stepped onto the snow as we continued making our way towards the residential area. At this point, I slightly remembered where Hoshinomori’s house is. It’s around 3 minutes from here.

(…In the end, I still don’t understand anything despite talking to Konoha-san…)