Can I buy a ticket online?

Can I buy a ticket online?

He knew very well that Surprise and Zhu Yidan’s Boring Life were both well-known in the realm of short videos. They were both very successful!

Boss Pei’s Daily Life—the show that Zhu Xiaoce wanted to shoot now—was very similar to both of these shows at the core. It would most likely become very popular as well!

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What should he do?

“System, I want to divest! I don’t want to invest the one million yuan in Huang Sibo anymore. Is that possible?”

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A line of words appeared on the system’s screen:

<You need a valid reason to divest, or it would be considered a violation.>

Pei Qian, “…”

A valid reason??

I don’t have one!?

I can’t possibly request to divest because I think that this project is going to make me too much money, right??

Are there other reasons??

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Could I say that Huang Sibo is taking bribes or that he’s not serious about his job? Could I say that I don’t like Zhu Xiaoce and I think he’s too ugly? How about purely not wanting to make the investment without a reason?

None of these were valid!