Where is the news comment on the Internet?

Where is the news comment on the Internet?

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“A-Amanocchi? Well, …even though it’s hard for me to say this, I think you’re not hallucinating here. Regrettably, I also saw those two embarrassing acquaintances.”

Aguri-san said some crazy things with a dumbfounded look. …Yep, both of us are having the same daydream. Something like this can really happen. The world is filled with wonderful things.

I looked at the illusion warmly. A seaweed head is pulling the sled with teary eyes, and a blonde girl is leading her relentlessly like she’s a devil coach.

“C’mon, you can do it, you can do it! Chiaki-san, you can do better! The only thing stopping you is your mood!”

“This ‘mood’ thing is precisely the problem! Look, aren't a lot of people watching us right now!? Forget about my stamina. My heart can’t take it anymore!”

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“No! Don’t give up! Think about the people around you! Think about the people that are cheering for you right now!”

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“S-Someone’s cheering for me!? For me!? Uh, indeed, the children from afar are staring at me with sparkling eyes…! Such humiliation! Is this the hell I’m in!? What did I ever do to deserve this!?”

“Eh, it’s because you and Amano-kun kis-“

“Yay! I love pulling sleds! This is so much fun!”

“You’re amazing, Chiaki-san! That’s how you do it! You can make it! My house is right around the corner!”


So, the Antarctica expedition team left with noises that sound like a monster dragging its tail.


…Hiya, my imagination of beautiful girls is unexpectedly fascinating.

Suddenly, I looked in front. Aguri-san’s staring at me with half-dead eyes.

“Uh, …I feel sorry for you, Amanocchi. I think I was too serious. …Yes, …idiotic things like this…”

“Stop it, Aguri-san. Don’t apologize to a human’s innate sense of seriousness.”